10 Best Rectangle Trampolines for Gymnastics in 2023

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If you want to learn the very best way to choose the right rectangle trampoline for gymnastics, we are here to help you!

There are so many models on the market that it can be hard to know where to start and what your options are, but we’re here to guide you through every step of the process, from finding the right size and type of trampoline to safety considerations and warranties.
Rectangle trampolines are great because they’re usually larger than round ones, and they allow you to do many more exciting moves like back flips and splits, as well as complex tumbling routines that are much harder on round ones.

Choosing the right rectangle trampoline isn’t easy, though, because there are so many different brands and styles out there! Before you read this guide, let’s first discuss what makes up a rectangle trampoline and why it has different parts.

Why Rectangle Trampolines for Gymnastics is the Best

Excellent addition to any training facility, rectangular tramps are often considered safer than traditional round tramps.

This is because of their extra width—which helps a gymnast stay on top of the mat—and uniform shape, which allows them to land in an all-fours position, as opposed to landing directly on their back or side. Rectangular mats also have less bounce and have higher safety nets surrounding them.

Here we are giving you a detailed review including what you must know before buying the rectangle trampoline for gymnastics.

Look at the table for a quick overview

TrampolineFeaturesOur RatingPrice
Color: Blue & Black
Material: Steel frame
Item Weight: 500
Size: 8′ x 14′ Feet
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check the price on Amazon
Color: Green
Material: Steel
Item Weight: 105 Pounds
Size: 10′ x 17′ Feet
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check the price on Amazon
Color: Black Green
Material: Steel
Item Weight: 550 Pounds
Size: 10′ x 17′, 10′ x 20′, 10′ x 23′,
13′ x 23′ Feet
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check the price on Amazon
Color: Balck/ Orange
Material: Steel
Item Weight: 400 Pounds
Size: 10′ x 16′ Feet
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check the price on Amazon
Color: Balck
Material: Steel
Item Weight: 710 Pounds
Size: 13′ x 23′ Feet
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check the price on Amazon
Color: Green
Material: Steel
Item Weight: 650 Pounds
Size: 10′ x 23′ Feet
⭐⭐⭐⭐Check the price on Amazon
Color: Black
Material: Steel
Item Weight: 550 Pounds
Size: 10′ x 17′ Feet
⭐⭐⭐⭐Check the price on Amazon
Color: orange
Material: Steel
Item Weight: 440 Pounds
Size: 14′ x 18′ Feet
⭐⭐⭐⭐Check the price on Amazon
Color: Blue, Black, Orange, Green, White
Material: Steel
Item Weight: 110 Pounds
Size: 72 x 50 x 80 inches
⭐⭐⭐⭐Check the price on Amazon
Color: Blue
Material: Steel
Item Weight: 335
Size: 7′ x 10′ Feet
⭐⭐⭐⭐Check the price on Amazon

1: Rectangle Trampoline for Adults: Rectangle Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Heavy Duty Frame:

This sturdy and secure rectangular trampoline is constructed of high-quality materials. 86 springs, 8 curved poles, and 4 legs are included. Rust-resistant galvanized steel is used for frames and many of them are powder coated for further longevity.

Ultra Bounce:

The heavy-duty galvanized springs on this trampoline act independently at various rates, which helps reach the highest lift in leaps and gives the jumper greater control over their jumping height & landing. This rectangular shape of the trampoline allows for a big bounce.

Family Fun:

Invite outdoor recreation to your backyard and have a good time with loved ones and friends while also promoting family fitness rectangle on of the best trampoline for gymnastics! This trampoline is excellent for gymnastics, competitive jumping, outside family enjoyment, and more!

Safe & Strong:

All of trampolines have a superior foam safety pad with double rubber that will prevent impact with the steel frame or springs, making them safe and sturdy. The safety net used is 106″ tall, which is the ideal height for protection.

Simple to Assemble:

Setting up of simple assembly trampoline is very simple and easy for newbies. includes an easy-to-follow instruction handbook, a T-Hook (spring tool), and a screwdriver to help you rapidly assemble your new trampoline.

✅Heavy-duty steel frame, welded sockets.❌If it is caught by a strong wind, it easily rolls and the uprights can be bent
✅Foam Pad & safety net and its shape make it the best choice for a trampoline for gymnastics.
✅Good for a narrow yard.
✅ Perfect for our 6-year-old who is a gymnast. 
Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

2: MX Pro Rectangle Trampoline 10×17 Feet with Safety Net Enclosure

Designed for Specifically Gymnastics:

The MX Pro Trampoline’s commercial design was created with elite gymnasts in mind, and it can be found in gyms all over the world!

Trampoline Sturdiness

Using 2.5mm painted and galvanized steel tubing, a strong and well-supported steel frame system is created, producing a rust-free frame with a lifetime warranty.

Best Mat

Polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) are combined in the manufacture of bounce mats to provide a stronger and more durable mat. The mats have been given a UV-resistant treatment to stop fading when used outside.

Strongest Cushioning Trampolines

It is designed to withstand the worst conditions thanks to the thick 2.5 cm EPE foam protection padding that wraps around the metal frame and the 400 g/sm UV-coated PVC covers.

Safety System:

It includes a complete safety enclosure system that is enclosed and protective. The PE Material is constructed of a 250g/sm-strength mesh that is just slightly elastic.

Through the use of numerous clips and ties, the netting is fastened to the trampoline frame.

To provide additional room for aerial maneuvers, the net can be taken down.

✅This model of the MX Pro trampoline is for commercial use. ❌The entryway does not employ the conventional zip closure.
✅Rust proof and lifetime warranted frame.
✅Its UV-resistant material makes it the best choice for outdoor use. 
✅ Perfect for kids and adults
Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

3: Happy Trampoline: High-Performance Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

Life Time Warranty

Comes with a lifetime warranty, the best choice for a commercial rectangle trampoline for gymnastics with a jumping weight capability of 750 lbs. Ironed from the inside out

Trampoline Sturdiness

Steel tubing is 3.0 mm thick, the thickest available in the market, making this model the best choice. The longest springs are 33% longer than those of the competition to provide the most bounce for your money. For additional safety protection, choose the thickest and largest spring pad.

Safety Net Enclosure

For greater safety and durability, a steel frame is padded with soft foam with steel frame cushioning that flexes on impact
In royal blue, the net, seams, and sleeves are all decorated (may vary depending on design)
polyester mesh net material
The trampoline frame is attached to the safety enclosure structure which is attached away from the trampoline to provide additional safety for the jumper.

The t-bracket socket securely locks the trampoline frame and enclosure frame together.
Patented at each spring clip, a stay-put enclosing net is attached. The jumping mat and safety enclosure net aren’t allowed to gape thanks to the enclosure net attachment design. There are spring clamps and no ropes to thread through the net.


This ladder lets kids safely get on and off the trampoline.
Most significantly, it is safer than jumping off the trampoline to the ground and prevents damage to the safety cushions.
The ladder is made to hook firmly over the frame and beneath the safety cushions.

✅Hig security equipped with all necessary parts❌Putting it together is straightforward but hard and time taking.
✅Ideal trampoline for kids and adults
✅Spring and pads are very stable and strong even for adults. and high jumps. 
✅Ideal for gymnastics enthusiasts, cheerleading and trampoline training for all levels
Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

4: Jumpking Pro-Series Rectangle Trampoline

Trampoline Sturdiness

The best bounce in the market will be provided by a patent-pending spring system. The Rectangle Trampoline Pro series from JumpKing has a built-in safety net enclosure, which is better both aesthetically and functionally.
Children are protected from dangerous pinch points and openings by the 112 galvanized steel springs that are 8.5″ long and the 8 galvanized steel springs that are 5.5″ long that are situated around the perimeter of the enclosure net.

Galvanized Steel Frame

Galvanized steel frame with 12 poles and six black powder-coated legs that resist rust
The maximum weight is 400 lbs. A horizontal shock-corded pole supports the enclosure netting completely, creating a safe and impressive jumping area.

UV-Protected Polypropylene

With airflow, the green jumping surface is made of UV-protected polypropylene and has a better bounce than other materials.

✅6 Powder coated heavy duty rust resistant legs❌Doesn’t include an anchor kit or ladder.
✅V-Shaped Spring Arrangement for increased bounce
✅Durable and attractively designed.
✅Supported by a horizontal shock-corded rod, which creates a secure and impressive jumping arena.
Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

Must Read Before Buying: Trampoline Weight Limit: How Much Weight Can A Trampoline Hold?

5: Galactic Xtreme Trampoline Rectangle: Large Trampoline for Backyard

Dimensions and Weight Limits

13×23 foot long trampoline can support 750 lbs, giving your children the safest bounce possible.

The longest spring is 9 inches long. 172 fully galvanized, rust-proof, and heavy-duty springs are able to support a lot of weight and provide safety assurance.

Massive Jumping Mat

The biggest jumping mat for exercises, flips, gymnastics, or simply having fun. Ideal for friends and relatives in the neighborhood.

Security Net Encloser

An outdoor trampoline with a net enclosure makes jumping safe and pleasant for all levels of jumpers. The strong, high-grade polyester mesh is used to create the patented Stay-put enclosing net.

The enclosure frame and trampoline frame are joined by a steel frame, which firmly fastens them together. The padded, impact-absorbing steel frame cushion flexes.

Commercial Grade Steel Frame

We take pride in having the strongest frame in the trampoline business. To combat rust and corrosion, 3.0 mm thick, double-dipped galvanized inside and out.

Since the steel frame won’t flex or break, it won’t lose inertia during leaps. The rectangular trampoline is ideal for cheerleading, gymnastics, and competitive jumping.

Finest Return on Investment

The heavy-duty steel frames and springs on the Galactic Xtreme by Happy Trampoline are covered by a lifetime warranty, and we always guarantee our lowest rates.

✅Ideal for gymnastic enthusiasts, cheerleading, and trampoline training for all levels.❌The trampoline has no bounce in the center
✅9-inch long springs in trampoline to withstand heavy weights
✅Durable and attractively designed.
✅Supported by a horizontal shock-corded rod, which creates a secure and impressive jumping arena
Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

6: Happy Trampoline: Heavy Duty Commercial Grade

Jumping Mat is Safest

Don’t expose your child to the risk of falling through the jumping mat due to jumping mats that have been exposed to the elements.

The jumping mat used in this trampoline is made to survive high desert heat or arctic snow for more than 20 to 30 years, even in the worst circumstances.

Commercial Garde Farme

3.0 mm thick, double-dipped galvanized inside and out to stave off rust and corrosion, Ideal for novice bouncers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, and competitive jumpers.

Bounce Quality

The frame structure won’t flex, bend, or break, preventing inertia loss during leaps. The thickest and heaviest steel, with a frame wall thickness of 3.0mm, is utilized.
Spring coil with 156 SPRINGS.

✅Spring coil and diameter are much thicker and longer than competitors.❌Comes with 3 years warranty only
✅Ideal for gymnastic enthusiasts, cheerleading and trampoline training for all levels
✅9 long tapered Springs Longer Than Most competing Outdoor Trampolines
✅Safe for beginners and young children as well as elite jumpers looking for gymnastic training while doing flips and cartwheels
Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

7: Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure: No Weight Limit | Free Ladder

Best of All

All ages can use the high-performance trampoline called the Beast K9 Rectangle. Your kids will be entertained and happy all day long with this sturdy and springy rectangle. It is also sturdy enough for the parents.

Trampoline Sturdiness

You get top-notch leaping coupled with all the safety precautions. Due to the reinforced frame and improved spring & mat dynamics, the Beast K9 Rectangle Trampoline offers big air! Maximum safety was considered when designing the sturdy frame structure.

The synergy design of the Beast K9 makes sure that each spring is tailored to deliver its full impact. The K9 mat and springs offer a strong, yet accurate and soft bounce, unlike many other designs that restrict the performance of the springs.

Witness a bounce like no other experience.

✅Performance Bounce with PianoWire Springs❌Comes with a limited warranty
✅Heavy Duty Design
✅Come with a free Ladder
✅Great trampoline for all ages
Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

8: GYMAX Trampoline for Kids: Rectangle Trampoline With Enclosure Net & Non-Slip Ladder

Safety Jumping for Better Reliability

 The U-shaped foot pipes and foam-wrapped frame guarantee exceptional stability. 

You and your child won’t hit the frame thanks to the safety space between the pipe and the enclosed net. 

Hands or feet cannot get caught in the gap due to the seamless jumping pad and spring cover.  Past ASTM test for a trustworthy selection.

Awesome Bouncing Experience

An outstanding bouncing sensation is provided by the kids’ trampoline’s 12 feet by 6 feet high-elastic jumping surface for both children and adults. 

The mat is also equally stretched by 84 pieces of strong, bold springs, which are more resilient and long-lasting than standard springs.

Easy to Set Up

 The outdoor trampoline is shipped in 2 boxes, which means they can come in separate deliveries. 

Additionally, the kit comes with the essential equipment for assembly, such as a T hook that makes it simple to install the high-tension springs.

Built to Last

This rectangular trampoline’s frame is constructed of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, which resist rust and are quite sturdy to offer long-lasting, reliable support. 

Long service life is provided for outdoor use by a UV-protected, waterproof jumping mat and PVC-covered springs.

Perfect Gift to Kids:

A non-slip ladder is included with the recreational trampoline to make accessing it simple. Kids can use a double zipper and buckle easily and safely. It is appropriate for gardens, patios, and other outside areas. Get this rectangular trampoline for your family to enjoy quality time together.

✅Dense enclosure net and the foam-wrapped enclosure poles are conducive to preventing accidental bumps❌Good for kids use only
✅Enclosure poles are wrapped with soft foams to avoid injuries
✅Non-slip ladder and dual zippers with a buckle for easy access
✅Assembly tools included
Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

9: Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Rectangle Trampoline

Trampoline Sturdiness

Rectangular Kids Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline and Safety Net with Swing Combo, 72″ x 50″. Provides additional security by covering the Springs. Heavy Duty Grade A Black Trampoline Fabric Jumping Mat
42 – 3-1/2 in galvanized steel coated with zinc “Springs with increased bounce and rust resistance.

UV-resistant strong materials were used in the construction of the jump mat and spring pad protector to ensure their long-lasting use both inside and outside. For double the fun of a trampoline with a swing, we added a swing.

Heavy Gauge

The outside legs are made of orange blow-molded plastic. The frame is made of 16-gauge galvanized steel tubing. Product Dimensions: 72″ x 50″ x 73″ “- Single User: Recommended Weight: 110 lbs.

Assembly Time

Assembly takes one to two people an hour. Padded poles are a safety feature.

Safety Entry

PE safety net with a tight weave and tie downs for anchoring and has a zipper for safe and simple entry.

Included are the Following

UV-resistant jumping mat, a 12-month warranty on all parts, a spring-loading tool, a high-quality safety pad protector, and customer service.

Ages 3-6 for Children & Toddlers. includes 42 Heavy Duty 3-1/2″ Galvanized Steel Springs to provide more bounce and rust resistance.

✅Trampoline comes with a swing to double the enjoyment ❌For Kids & Toddlers Ages 3-6
✅ Safety Net made out of PE, tightly woven and secured with tie downs
✅Trampoline it is great and wonderful size for younger kids
✅The hight is about 6 feet
Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

10. Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure (Rectangle Trampolines for Gymnastics)

7*10FT Trampoline, Fit Small Yard

Exacme’s 7 by 10-foot compact enclosed rectangle trampoline with ladder can be set up quickly in a small area.

Even if you have a small yard, kids can still have fun jumping around throughout the summer.
Exacme’s rectangular trampoline outdoor with the net has a sturdy frame with rectangular-shaped frame tubes that are 1.5 mm thick rather than round frame tubes, which allows the entire structure to withstand more pressure while still being safe.

Greater Bouncing Area

Rectangular trampolines do not pull you back in the center as circular ones do. You can jump anywhere you choose. Anywhere you choose, you can jump.

It has multiple landing areas that increase your bounce while decreasing rebound. As a result, the area will be used to its fullest extent.

Safe Inner Enclosure

Safe Inner Enclosure trampolines are better for youngsters than nets outside the spring and frame because they separate the jumping area from the spring and frame and lessen the chance of unintentionally slipping into the springs.

Stand Up to Wind

Unlike regular trampolines, the trampoline’s top net is supported by eight high-strength, corrosion-resistant steel rods to increase net durability and better withstand windstorms. It simultaneously lessens sagging and net tear.

Two Children Can Play Together

A 7 x 10 ft trampoline with a 5.5 x 8.5 ft jumping space allows two children to bounce, throw balls, and engage in other cooperative play activities that make the trampoline more engaging.

This trampoline works wonderfully if you have more than one child.

Easy to Install Net: Upgraded

We upgraded the top net rail starting in May 2021. Only one end of the newest connector’s steel wire is constructed with a screw thread; the other end is smooth and devoid of threads.

The improvement makes it simpler to install the steel rods than the previous model, which had threads on both ends.

✅It supports adults and has a lot of room for the kids.❌The installation instructions are not very helpful as it comes with a picture manual
✅ Zip-closed function on the net that can be done from in or outside the trampoline.
✅ Cheap and inexpensive, with good quality,
✅7×10 FT Rectangle Trampoline
Rectangle Trampoline for Gymnastics

Round Vs Rectangle – Which is Better?

It is a common misconception that rectangles are better than rounds because they’re bigger. This can be true in some cases, but if you’re trying to perform multiple skills at once on your trampoline, rounds may be the way to go.

Rounds trampoline can help decrease performance errors, reduce injury risk and provide more room. They also offer a more natural bounce when jumping as opposed to bouncing off an edge. If you have limited space or want to do just one type of activity on your trampoline (such as rebound), then a rectangle is probably best for you.

Rectangle trampolines do come in many different sizes

Types of Rectangle Trampolines for Gymnastics

Rectangular trampolines are available in four shapes and sizes, typically by their size or surface area. The rectangular shape gives the gymnast a sense of stability when performing twisting and balancing moves like the iron cross on a round trampoline.

The larger-sized models allow for more jumps during aerobic exercises, like jumping jacks or running in place. Generally speaking, choosing a rectangular trampoline is dependent on your personal preference as to which features you want.

Before Buying a Rectangular Trampoline, Ask Yourself These Questions.

Ask yourself these questions before buying a rectangular trampoline:

1) What type of activity will you be using it for?

2) What’s your budget?

3) Do you want a trampoline with pads?

4) How big should it be?

5) How much floor space does it need and can your yard accommodate that size of the trampoline?

What Shape Trampoline is Best for Gymnastics?

Rectangular trampolines for gymnastics are typically the most affordable option.
For kids, it’s often safer because they’re smaller and lighter so they don’t pose as much of a danger to smaller children.
For adults, these types of tramps can be more challenging because there is less surface area.
Rectangular tramps are available in a wide range of materials including metal, plastic, or foam.

Are Square or Round Trampolines Better?

Square tramps tend to bounce higher than their round counterparts.
This means that a square tramp could be better suited for double unders or when trying new tricks while on the tramp. However, this is not set in stone and a round one may work better if you are looking for less bounce and more height.

Which is Better Oval or Rectangle Trampoline?

A rectangle trampoline can have a greater rebound and is less likely to twist in on itself. Oval trampolines, on the other hand, are better suited for jumping routines.

How Do I Choose a Trampoline?

Make sure you know what kind of trampoline is best for your intended use. The internet provides reviews and videos from other customers which can help you with this. Before purchasing a trampoline, consult your physician if you have any health conditions or risk factors that might affect your ability to jump on a trampoline, as well as if you will be using the product on a regular basis.