Is It Safe to Jump on A Trampoline While Pregnant?

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trampoline while pregnant

Is it safe to jump on a trampoline while pregnant?

The short answer is yes, as long as you do so under the supervision of a qualified instructor and you remain aware of how your body is reacting to the activity at all times.

What if there was a fun way to get in your daily dose of exercise while pregnant?

One of the best ways to get in some much-needed exercise during pregnancy without putting stress on your joints or endangering your baby is to use an exercise trampoline.
Here’s why this sport may be one of the most fun forms of exercise during pregnancy and how you can have all the fun without putting yourself or your baby in danger.

Benefits of Using a Trampoline While Pregnant

If you are pregnant, using a trampoline is actually really great for your body.
Believe it or not, bouncing on a trampoline is actually one of the most effective forms of exercise for pregnant women because it stimulates blood flow and circulation in the pelvic region as well as helps maintain muscle tone.

It also is great for your back. Many people have lower back pain during pregnancy due to an increase in the uterus weight and pressure on the spine. The shape of a trampoline provides support which can help reduce lower back pain.

When Should You Avoid Being On The Trampoline While Pregnant?

The best time not to jump on a trampoline while pregnant is when the mom-to-be is at an increased risk of miscarriage or has had problems with miscarriages in the past.

Some medical professionals will also advise against it if the mom-to-be has very high blood pressure, fluid retention, preterm labour, or gestational diabetes.

They may also say it’s best not to jump if the mom has recently given birth.
Other than that, most doctors will say it’s okay to jump on a trampoline while pregnant, although you should take it easy.

You should be sure that if you do decide to jump, you’re jumping at a low level and using your legs more than your arms. You shouldn’t be bouncing too hard or flipping when you’re pregnant.

When in doubt, always check with your doctor before doing anything strenuous or new during pregnancy.

Trampoline Workout For Pregnant Women

You should still exercise while pregnant! In fact, a recent study showed that an hour of jumping rope could result in up to 2 pounds of weight loss in just one hour.
Your workouts can last as long or short as you want. If you are looking for more than simple jump rope sessions, try incorporating trampoline exercises into your routine.
Remember when bouncing on a trampoline can actually be therapeutic, too?

Can I Jump On The Trampoline While Pregnant?

Trampoline while pregnant

Some people think it is not a good idea to jump on a trampoline while pregnant as you could be bumping into the springs of the trampoline or sliding back and forth in an unsafe way.

Other people say it is fine if you are not jumping too high, some doctors have said that jumping can strengthen your uterus and pelvis muscles.

Plus it can be a fun way for friends and family who live away from each other to connect.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a statement saying that there is no evidence that pregnancy makes someone more susceptible to injury from trampolines so long as they do not exceed the maximum weight limit.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding somersaults, flips, and any stunt maneuvers when using a backyard trampoline with children.

Safety Precautions of Using Trampolining While Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, you’ll want to be cautious when it comes to recreational activities.

Jumping up and down while your baby is still in your belly could put a lot of stress on the mother-to-be and the baby.

Don’t forget that during pregnancy, your joints and ligaments have laxity that doesn’t usually happen during any other time in life.

Take into account these precautions while using Trampolining While Pregnant

1Find a trampoline with soft edges to prevent injury from falling off or jumping off of the side. These types of trampolines are much safer for expectant mothers.

2Be sure that there are no gaps between the mat and frame, which could cause serious injury if someone were to fall through them.

3Make sure that there are no broken springs, holes, or tears in padding and coverings. Also, check for mold or mildew.

How can I be safe while pregnant on the trampoline if my doctor tells me it’s OK?

It is recommended that pregnant women who are not too advanced in their pregnancy avoid jumping on the trampoline.

Women should also try to minimize their bouncing while they’re up there and position themselves as low as possible so that if they lose their balance, they will fall onto a surface with more give such as the ground or the lower part of the trampoline.

Warning signs that I should stop jumping on a trampoline while pregnant?

Trampoline while pregnant (1)

If you are pregnant, it is important to talk with your doctor before participating in activities like jumping on a trampoline.

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Your doctor will be able to let you know if the activity is safe and if there are any signs or symptoms of a problem.

Some signs or symptoms that may indicate that it is time to stop jumping are heavy vaginal bleeding, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, severe headache, or seizures.

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Trampoline while pregnant

When Can I Be On The Trampoline Again After Giving Birth?

Doctors recommend waiting at least six weeks after giving birth or going into labor. Most doctors would recommend waiting three months or longer, but there is no set time frame for when you can go back onto a trampoline again.

Some doctors do not recommend trampolining at all because of the risk of falls. Trampolines are also unsafe for anyone with a heart condition, blood clotting disorder, or taking certain medications.